A Shopping Agency (IELTS Task2)

Q: Lately, some taxi companies began to offer shopping for people who do not have a car. On the other hand,  some grocery stores send ingredients to customers. Discuss both views and give your opinions. Write at least 250 words.

Lately, the number of people without a car has decreased. For this reason, some taxi companies start shopping agent services. In contrast, some grocery stores provide services to send ingredients. I think these shopping services have both advantages. This essay will explain the advantages of these services.

On the one hand, taxi companies offer detailed services to customers. First, taxi drivers can know the needs of each customer. For instance, new customers would like to obtain information about the living town. Also, some house workers would like to know which neighbour’s grocery store sells the ingredients at the best prices. Taxi drivers can go anywhere in the town. As a result, they can notify the best information for each customer. Next, customers and companies can build a relationship. For example, customers can order buying any ingredients for regular drivers. Thus, taxi companies can know the detailed living conditions of each customer.

On the other hand, grocery stores offer great service to customers. First, customers can designate a time or day. Therefore, they can accept ingredients while they stay at home. Also, some registers can order each ingredient at the same condominium. As a result, the store can carry many ingredients efficiently. Next, customers can order heavy ingredients. To illustrate, the store can carry 5 kg (approximately 11lb) of rice. As a result, shoppers can bring back only a few ingredients.

In conclusion, shopping agencies can answer the needs of each customer. Also, grocery stores carry heavy ingredients. Overall, both services are great.

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