Bookstore or Bookshop (IELTS Task2)

Q: Lately, some bookstores have opened in suburban areas one after the other. On the other hand, some bookshops are still popular in the central area. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays, some bookstores have opened in the suburban area. They sell a lot of books and stationery. Moreover, they serve light meals. Conversely, in the central area, some traditional bookshops have kept a good reputation. Customers can find some specific (or traditional) books. 

At the bookstore in the suburban area, customers with families can enjoy a day. First, the bookstore owns a big parking area. Thus, they can come there by car. Second, they can search for the book which they want to buy. For example, some search machines are established in most bookstores. Thus, customers can look for the book they want to buy by themselves. Third, it consists of a wide space. Thus, even if children lose in the bookstore, parents can find them because they can announce the children to store staff. In addition, some children more than 9 years old can fix the seeing time and place beforehand. For these reasons, the bookstore in the suburban area is an excellent place for customers with families.

At the bookshop in the central, it has been managed for a long term. First, customers would be able to find old traditional books which had already passed out of print. For example, it’s easy for customers to browse famous novels, and translated books for more than fifty years, such as a library. However, it’s difficult to obtain minor novels which are original. Thus, they can find a minor old book in the bookshop. Second, the owners select some recommended books. Despite the absence of an acquaintance between customers and owners, the latter is aware of the former’s preferred categories and can suggest suitable books for each individual.

In conclusion, a bookstore is a wonderful place for customers with families. First, they can park their car. Second, they can search the books without asking the staff. Third, parents can announce even though their children are lost in the bookstore. In contrast, the bookshop has some minor books which customers want to buy. Finally, the owners can recommend some books to customers’ preferences.

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