Comic Book and Book (IELTS Task2)

Q: In Japan, people can browse many comic books in the corner. Also, they can see other books too. Discuss both views and give your own opinions. Write at least 250 words.

Some decades ago, most parents recommended books more than comic books for their daughter or son. But nowadays, some Japanese comic books also illustrate sensitive situations well. I think people should utilize both the advantages of comic books and books. This essay will explain the merits of both comic books and books.

On the one hand, some comic books give curiosity and knowledge to children. For example, some encyclopedias for children explain the mechanism of vehicles, or systems of the body, by popular cartoon characters. As a result, they began to have a curiosity about science and their job. Also, comic books for teenagers give hints to live in society. In other words, they should obtain many social skills, such as how to introduce executives. Some comic books show social behaviours by the illustrator.

On the other hand, some books also give great advice to teenagers and adults. They contain many hints for coping with other people in society. Also, adults have already obtained basic knowledge. Therefore, they can learn new wisdom in a short time. In addition, they can get good ideas from books. For instance, some people often write about a success story from a public situation, such as broadcasting or Social Network Service. However, readers can also learn about stories of failure from books.

In summary, people should take advantage of both comic books and books. First, comic books give children and young people curiosity and knowledge. Second, books also provide teenagers and adults with wisdom and good ideas.

(252 words)

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