Express Bus Operating at Night (IELTS Task2)

Q: Some express buses operating at night have a lot of benefits for business persons or travellers. What are the main reasons? Write at least 250 words. 

Some decades ago, it was a long journey for travellers to move from city to city. But nowadays, some high-speed trains have an innovative moving style for travellers. But such kinds of trains operate only in the daytime. Alternatively, some express buses that run at night can convey passengers to their destinations. In my view, there are many benefits to the midnight bus. This essay will explain both perspectives on the express bus that operates at night.

On the one hand, there are several risks in the midnight bus. First, some passengers have to have that compartment seat with strangers. In particular, young passengers should be careful about stealing their belongings. Second, some bus companies can not provide satisfactory service to the passengers. To illustrate, some companies do not hire enough drivers. Also, some buses do not set announcements to notify the next bus stop. Consequently, some passengers are concerned about services when they need to let drivers know their destinations.

On the other hand, most passengers can conserve their limited time. For instance, at midnight, passengers should turn off all fluorescent lights. For such reason, all passengers have to sleep on the bus. As a result, they can refresh their maintenance. Also, some business people have to attend the meeting in the morning. Some midnight buses can reach their destinations as soon as possible. For this reason, every business person can participate in such an important meeting with their refreshed brains.

Overall, I support passengers can accept many benefits by midnight bus. Every Passenger can utilize their limited time efficiency.

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