Housework with Music (IELTS Task2)

Q: It is hard for families to do housework. However, pop or dancing music helps to enjoy doing housework. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

In general, it is tough for a member of families to do housework. It consists of many chores. However, I believe that pop or dancing music changes a good time doing housework. This essay will explain the advantages of doing housework to these kinds of music.

First, some pop music is familiar to children or teenagers. Therefore, these kinds of music make them an excellent time for doing housework. Also, their parents can enjoy housework by talking about common topics. For example, if a mother and daughter like the same male dancer group, they can do housework by listening to music and chatting about this group.

Next, they can measure the time of housework by dancing to music. In a nutshell,  they can utilize dancing music as a timer. For instance, some family members are concerned about what time they should finish it. Some dancing music, such as Eurobeat consists of several parts of the music. As a result, they can use the part of dancing music as the timer.

Furthermore, they can do housework to the rhythm. For example, some children can accept sounds and movements. Therefore, if their parents teach them housework with dancing music, they can obtain the basics of housework through the body’s senses.

In conclusion,  some pop or dancing music helps to enjoy housework. First, parents can enjoy it with their children through common pop music. Second, they can use dancing music instead of the timer. Overall, I agree with pop or dancing music utilized to do housework.

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