Luxury Train (IELTS Task2)

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Q: Some luxury trains give passengers wonderful travel memories. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

In European countries, some luxury trains operate through national borders. Also, some continental trains in the U.S. and Canada connect two cities over a long distance. In my perspective, luxury trains are not only good passengers. This model essay will explain luxury trains from both perspectives.

On the one hand, luxury trains have various advantages. First, luxury trains can provide some superior service to passengers. Passengers can select comfortable seats and enjoy excellent cuisine. Consequently, passengers can enjoy a trip until their destination. Next, passengers allow to bring luggage of more than two in a car. Of course, some trains have to pay additional fees, but trains have more space than planes. As a result, travellers can stay in the compartment without bringing many items.

On the other hand, some luxury trains have several drawbacks. First, passengers should be careful about the time. In some sophisticated cities such as Tokyo, Japan, most people are accustomed to trains coming on time. But in most countries, trains are often delayed. For this reason, travellers have to bring an itinerary with enough time. Next, seating with strangers is not always comfortable. Some passengers would like to see a window. Travellers would like to talk with neighbours. As a result, some people feel uncomfortable. Finally, passengers can not choose some options. As an example, some cuisines do not make several choices. Some passengers did not feel good. For such reason, some passengers would not be satisfied while tripping. 

To summarize, I believe that luxury trains are not always comfortable.

(255 words)

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