Making up for Male (IELTS Task2)

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Q: Some cosmetic companies are selling products for making up males. Discuss both views and give your opinions. Write at least 250 words.

In formal situations, people require makeup to see good impressions. In particular, most females learn how to make up for showing their good-looking. Likewise, cosmetic companies produce items for men. In my view, males also should study methods for making excellent effects showing as gentlemen. That is a great challenge. This essay will explain both perspectives on making up males.

On the one hand, there are several drawbacks to making up for males. First, most cosmetic companies produce makeup items for females. In particular, most department stores sell such products on the first floor. Some males tend to hesitate to ask professional staff about cosmetic items. Next, most cosmetic items are expensive. For instance, some facial creams for men are more expensive than for women. Some males may not know how much that costs for cosmetics. As a result, such males buy cheap-facing creams. Consequently, some of them hurt their skin.

On the other hand, making up for men gives many benefits. First, some recruiters can recognize their good first impression. Recruiters can progress their procedures smoothly. Next, couples can share methods of how to make up. In other words, they can acclaim their good points to each other. Also, some spouses can teach how to make up faces as professionals. As a result, couples can keep a good relationship.

In summary, I believe that cosmetic products sell items for men. Both genders can show a good point. Couples can realize their every advantage. Overall, such attempts make happy for people.

(252 words)

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