Purchase or Rental Large Items (IELTS Task 2)

Q: Most people purchase new furniture or electronic equipment when moving. But lately, some individuals have contracted with rental companies to borrow these products. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

Many people migrate from familiar houses to new residences between March and April in Japan or July and September in North America. Upon moving home, people purchase new items for their new lives, such as furniture or electronics. However, it is hard to buy large items for individuals or solo persons with much more expensive moving initial costs. Some rental companies offer to lease large items to moving customers as an affordable option. This essay will explain why renting items is the best choice.

On the one hand, there are some disadvantages to renting furniture and electronic equipment. First, the subscription cost is beyond the open price. For example, one rental company leases the home furniture for one year, but some solo persons are designated to stay for only six months. Consequently, short-term customers have to pay more one-year customers. 

On the other hand, rental furniture and electronic equipment companies offer beneficial advantages to customers. First, customers can check the specifications of new furniture and electronic items. After moving, some equipment may not fit the new apartment. However, most rental companies offer guarantees for maintaining and replacing leased products. Additionally, some rental companies have purchasing options for subscribers. To illustrate, subscribers really like new furniture designs or electronic machine specifications. Subscribers can purchase such furniture or machines for an optional fee, even though they would like to buy them. As a result, customers can enjoy their satisfied daily life. 

In conclusion, most people feel stressed about purchasing large items. However, some individuals rent furniture and electronic equipment at reasonable costs. As a result, they can move to a new apartment or condominium with estimates more reasonable than ordinary costs.

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