Sales or Office Clerk (IELTS Task2)

Q: In most corporations, there are sales workers and office workers. Compare both advantages and summarize your opinion. Write at least 230 words.

In most companies, sales workers and office workers exist. Both workers are essential human resources for growing up companies. I believe there are advantages to both roles. I will explain both work styles of merits.

On the one hand, sales workers have some privileges. First, they can introduce business details as the representative of companies. For instance, salespersons in travel industries can visit similar to talk with them, such as a hotel. Consequently, similar companies can make a good relationship. Second, fresh salespersons can learn how to negotiate with clients. To illustrate, some salespeople can recognize hierarchy in the visiting companies, such as authorization by the CEO or elite groups. For this reason, they can keep the brand for client companies.

On the other hand, office clerks also have several advantages. First, they can learn how to learn calls with customers. Some corporations depend on call centers to receive calls. But in small companies, office clerks in charge of calling receptions exist. As a result, they can learn how to reach customers politely. Second, most office clerks clean up or tidy up their offices. For such reason, they can keep the best office. As a result, they can sustain the best conditions for all staff.

To summarize, salespersons and office clerks have a lot of advantages. Overall, persons in charge of these positions are necessary human resources for the companies.

(230 words)

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