Send Email to Author (IELTS Task2)

Q: Some book aficionados are increasing who email the author. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

Some decades ago, it was hard for people to send letters to authors. But nowadays, most authors have their websites by spreading the Internet. I believe that generates a chance to send a direct message to their favourite authors. This essay will explain both perspectives on emailing messages to the authors.

On the one hand, some readers hesitate to send direct messages to authors. For example, some authors sometimes can not immediately reply to readers’ comments. These authors have to concentrate on completing manuscripts because of the deadline. Consequently, some readers hesitate to send messages to authors.

On the other hand, some readers can learn several advantages. First, readers can get helpful information. Some travel writers had been working at the travel agency. These writers know various methods for travelling. For instance, these writers know how to pay tips well. Readers can prepare items for travelling beforehand. Also, some authors published books about literature. Such as financial writers, who know financial procedures such as how to make a bank account. Readers can learn how to manage their money. As a result, readers can do such procedures smoothly. Second, some authors tend to use sophisticated words. Such words inspire readers. By sending messages to authors, readers are encouraged by messages.

In conclusion, I support that readers send direct messages to the authors. Readers can know the intentions of authors deeper than before. Also, readers can learn helpful information. Overall, readers and writers can learn good advantages from each other.

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