Shopping for ADHD and ASD (IELTS Task2)

Q: In shopping, it is fantastic for persons with ADHD to look for sparkling goods. On the other hand, it is exciting for persons with ASD to search for valuable products. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Write at least 250 words.

A shopping attitude is one of the topics as compared with females and males. Likewise, it is also similar for persons with ADHD and ASD. It is possible to enjoy shopping even though their characteristics are different. This essay will explain how to treat both advantages well in shopping.

On the one hand, persons with ADHD are good at finding new trends well. For example, as soon as they check further information when they found new commodities in advance such as clothes, cosmetics, and books. Also, they can visit all the shopping corners because it is attractive for them to see many products. As a result, they can charge their insights to find sparkle commodities. In addition, they can post good reviews when they obtain excellent goods. For these reasons, accompanies should wander them to utilize their potential skills in shopping.

On the other hand, persons with ASD know a specific genre well. In other words, they can solve expertise shopping, such as the computer. For instance, when purchasing a mobile computer, shoppers can compare it with other machines such as the price, efficiency, and purposes for customers. Also, students stop by bookstores to look for textbooks, and persons with ASD can find appropriate books for them. For these reasons, it is a good idea for partners to ask persons with ASD for professional advice too.

In conclusion, persons with ADHD and ASD can enjoy shopping by utilizing their advantages. Persons with ADHD are good at finding sparkling goods by impression, and persons with ASD are good at purchasing specific products by knowledge. However, it has one tip. Even if persons with ASD have specific knowledge, it might be difficult for partners to understand, such technical terms. The best solution, for persons with ADHD, is to prepare good choices for more than three, and persons with ASD should adjust their partner’s knowledge.

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