Single Life (Disagree) (IELTS Task2)

Q: Some people say single life is the best. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

In some countries, persons who live single is increasing. On the other hand, some families who live with some relatives are gradually decreasing. In my view, living with family is well more than single life. This essay will explain the advantages of living with families.

To begin with, living with families can share their wisdom. First, youths can learn how to do housework. For example, some parents are good at cooking well. Some children or siblings are interested in cooking and can learn how to communicate through their cook. Consequently, they can learn essential skills with enjoyment. Also, some families are good at interacting with other families, such as neighbours. These families can adjust to relationships with other families well. In other words, they can learn how to explain their opinion. As a result, people can obtain how to corporate with others in society.

Next, living with families can learn about social rules, such as discussing how to spend money. For instance, some children are not good at estimating how much cost they play online games. Some parents or siblings have experience playing online games. They can teach how long they can play beforehand. For such reason, families can discuss how long they can play such online games. Even if some members disagree, such families can think up alternative ideas. and can learn how to compromise with others. As a result, people can get how to cope with others in society.

To summarize, living with families have a lot of benefits. They can learn how to communicate with society. Overall, I think single life is not the best life.

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