Subjects Preferences Survey (IELTS Task1(AC))

Q: The pie chart below shows the percentages of the main subject’s preferences in three classes. The table shows the number of preferences in the three classes. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

The three pie charts show the proportion of preferences in 3 classes, A, B, and C.  Also, these percentages show on 4 subjects: mathematics, science, social studies, and English. On the other hand, the table below gives information on the number of preferences for every subject in all classes.

Overall, it is clear that the total percentages for science and social studies are the highest. In particular, science is supported by students of 45% in class A. In contrast, English is the worst popular subject in all classes.  Only 13% of students prefer this subject in class B.

According to the 3 pie charts, it is obvious that science and social studies are the most popular in all classes. Also, mathematics is the popular subject in 2 classes, B and C. Particularly, 30% of students prefer this subject at least in these 2 classes.

Moving the table, it is clear that 32 students prefer mathematics in class A and science in class B.  These are the highest and the same. In classes B and C, that is vicinity how many students prefer social studies. 18 students like this subject in class B. 19 students like it in class C.

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