Unmanned or Manned (IELTS Task2)

Q: Lately, the number of shops equipped with automatic machines is increasing. On the other hand, some shops utilize the advantages of staff. Discuss both views and give your own opinions. Write at least 250 words.

In recent years, the number of shops is increasing they installed automatic machines. On the other hand, several shops take advantage of the potential abilities of staff well. I think both shops utilize each advantage well. This essay will explain the advantages of these shops.

On the one hand, unmanned shops have some advantages. First, shoppers can purchase commodities by themselves. For example, some cash machines show how customers can purchase commodities. Therefore, the companies of shops do not have to hire a lot of staff. As a result, they can reduce total costs. Second, customers can receive the products which they ordered anytime. For instance, some unmanned shops install a locker. In addition, most of the lockers are protected by a passcode and ID card. As a result, customers can receive the products safely.

On the other hand, manned shops also have several advantages. First, shop staff and customers can create a relationship of mutual trust. For instance, shop staff can remove harmful substances from food products if some regular customers have an allergy. Second, shop staff can tell the excellence of commodities to customers. To illustrate, some shoppers can know about the commodities from the advertisement, but shop staffs know more expert information. Thus, shoppers can ask the staff for more detailed information about commodities. As a result, they can purchase commodities by really considering the price and quality in the manned shop.

In conclusion, unmanned shops have several merits. However, manned shops also have a lot of merits.

(251 words)

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