Window or Aisle (IELTS Task2)

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Q: Some travellers choose a window seat on a train or airplane. On the other hand, some passengers prefer an aisle seat. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

On a trip, most travellers think they would like to spend a comfortable time in the vehicle. Therefore, they need to select the best seat, window or aisle. I believe both seat positions have good merits for each other. This essay will explain both the advantages of window and aisle seats.

On the one hand, some passengers tend to select the window seat as the best position. First, they can enjoy the scenery. For example, parents can show their children a tempting view. As a result, they can have a break from watching children while they are in the vehicle. Second, some people can take their minds off work. To illustrate, they have a tight schedule on their business trip. Therefore, they thought that would like to take a nap. On the window seat, they can keep a small personal space for sitting in the window seat. As a result, they can relax in a vehicle as precious time. Third, they can leave their seats slowly. In particular, parents have bothered that children tend to linger after leaving their seats. However, if children sit on the window seat, parents can extend the time by leaving passengers in the aisle seat.

On the other hand, several passengers tend to select the aisle seat. First, they can do prompt preparation by the vehicle arrives at the destination. For instance, some business persons get ready for luggage as simply as possible. As a result, they can leave their seat soon when the train (or airplane) reaches the station (or airport). Second, passengers can accept food or drink from the cabin attendant directly. They do not need to wake the neighbour up. Therefore, as a result, they can have a comfortable time. 

To sum up, the window and aisle seat has several advantages. Eventually, I think there are some merits to the window seat more than an aisle seat.

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