Japanese Station Meal (Eiken, Grade-Pre-1)

Q: Do you think that Japanese station meals can survive in the future


 ・ Foreign tourists
・ Department store
・ Airport
・ Fast train

In general, the station meal entertains travellers and workers. In particular, many people come to the KIOSK, a small miscellaneous shop on the platform to buy the station meal as lunch while waiting for their train at the terminal station.

First, foreign tourists are increasing who visit Japan. They expect a different culture. For example, in one station which is near a historical place, the traveller can enjoy local food.

Second, for modern workers who can’t often go on a trip, a department store is a good place to promote their station meal. Some department stores in metropolitan cities often hold “station meal fairs”. Thus, workers who can’t go on a trip can enjoy the station meal.

In conclusion, the station meal can survive in the future. First, foreign tourists expect a different culture. Second, working people also can enjoy station meals even if they can’t go on a trip because of a department store.

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