A Bench Seat or Facing Seat (Free Essay)

Most Japanese railroad companies have fixed bench seats for carrying many commuters; however, some train companies have started to have fixed-facing seats. In my view, both seats have an advantage. This essay will explain the advantages of these seats.

First, many passengers can have a bench seat. The passengers can sit in the vacancy immediately. They can stand up from their seats as soon as possible when they see disabled people. As a result, they do not need to talk with persons who sit in the next seat.

Next, the facing seat has several advantages. For example, some passengers can enjoy the scenery who had in the window seat. They can be ready for getting off the train (or airplane) in the aisle seat. Also, passengers can know how to use the facing seat. For example, they can adjust the convertible seat to the running direction of the train. Besides, passengers can turn around the rotatable seat by themselves. As a result, the conductors should check only the seat direction.

In summary, these seats have advantages over each other. Overall, passengers can enjoy how to have various types of seats.

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