A Bullet Train (Free Essay)

Nowadays, Japanese bullet trains (Shinkansen) connect major cities in Japan. I believe that there are two advantages to utilizing bullet trains. This essay will mention two merits of the bullet train.

First, the bullet train usually arrives at the station on time. In other words, travellers can map out an accurate plan by estimating what time arrives at the station. As a result, passengers can notice persons who are waiting at the destination’s arrival time by email.

Second, passengers on bullet trains can utilize some devices such as computers or smartphones. Conversely, airplane passengers have to turn off these devices because the pilots must contact the traffic center when the plane is taking off or landing at an airport. On the other hand, people on bullet trains do not need to turn off their devices. Therefore, some business people can check the details of the slides which they prepared for the next presentation.

To sum up, the Japanese bullet train is a convenient vehicle. First, this usually arrives at the station on time. Second, passengers can use some devices in the bullet train.

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