A Map is a Great Assistant (Free Essay)

Nowadays, people utilize various maps for work or life. For example, they often see a town map when they are travelling. Also, some drivers look for the best route using a road map. I think maps help people in various situations. This essay will explain about main three reasons.

First, people can utilize maps as tools for a range of topics. For example, tourists can use a town map when they look for restaurants around the station. Also, students can make use of the world map when they learn world history. For instance, they can explain the position of the country through the map. 

Second, people can find unexpected places on a map. For instance, some families can find other detour routes using a road map as it happens. As a result, they can arrive at their destination earlier than they estimated.

Finally, persons who have no sense of direction can know landmarks through three-dimensional (3D) maps. For instance, they can understand where they should meet with their friends. They can not read two-dimensional (2D) maps well, however, they can recognize some landmarks such as a park, or skyscrapers. As a result, 3D maps (such as Google Earth) help to lead the direction for persons who can not read a 2D map.

In summary, maps are good as assistance tools. First, people can utilize various maps with a range of topics. Second, they can find a place on a map. Finally, three-dimensional maps show landmarks for persons who can not read a paper map.

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