A Moving by Bus (Free Essay)

I prefer a short trip by bus. It takes about one hour from the nearest bus stop to my workplace. Most people select the best route for going downtown, such as a subway or train. Nevertheless, I often go downtown by bus. What do you think about the reason I select such a route?

First, passengers on the bus do not need to endure for a long time. For example, most commuters have to keep their same poses for a long time, on the express train. Besides, the train is not always punctual. Therefore, some passengers have to stay on the train for a long time. In contrast, bus commuters can get off the intermediate bus stops. As a result, they can refresh on the way to the workplace by walking.

Next, passengers can shift their brains. Most buses run on a road, and passengers can glance at the scenery. Therefore, they can find small interesting, such as a new shop. As a result, they can gradually shift their motivations from home to the workplace.

To sum up, riding a bus has advantages. Passengers do not need to stay in the vehicle for a long time. Sceneries make good minds keep their motivation.

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