Awesome Two Stories on the Bus (Daily Blog)

The writer, Shinichi (Mapman), was glad to encounter his precious moments of happiness. He has positive characteristics. As a result, he could be happy. Today, Shinichi would like to share his two amazing stories on the local bus. Please enjoy yourself.

Graciously Helped Individual Travellers

In the quarter past 10:00 a.m., Shinichi was waiting for the JR bus (local line). He found a couple who were checking the timetable. They might be a little upset when that bus departed from Sapporo station. Shinichi realized immediately that the couple was a traveller. As soon as he recognized it, he asked them as follows,

“Excuse me, which place would you like to go?”

The couple answered, “Shiroi-Koibito Park.” Shinichi asked them to continue,

“Do you have your IC card, such as Suica? If you do not have your IC card, this bus is available using cash.”

Honestly, Shinichi would have liked to talk with them on the bus, but most Japanese transportation requires passengers to be quiet. For this reason, he talked to a couple of travellers calmly while considering other passengers. As the travellers left the bus, Shinichi said, “Have a nice trip!” His mind was happy, and he had a comfortable day.

Kindness for A Child in His Heart

On another day, Shinichi noticed a mother and infant sitting across from him on the local bus as he rode to his apartment. Before reaching the next stop, the infant seemed curious about pressing the button. Shinichi turned to the mother and said,

“I will be getting off at the next bus stop. If it’s okay with you, you may let your child press the button.”

That mother seemed to say sorry to him. But she also said thank you to him. That night, he could sleep well.

These are true stories for me. I had a great day in these days.

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