Brain Dumping and Journaling for ASD and ADHD (Daily Blog)

I appreciate you taking the time to read my article. I am Shinichi, have ASD with epilepsy. Today, I would like to share the benefits of brain dumping and journaling with people with ASD and ADHD. It is possible to turn a few minds into rich minds by using this method.

Have you ever cluttered your brain or your room? ASD and ADHD also suffer from similar issues. According to some Japanese articles, some individuals with ASD and ADHD couldn’t distinguish unnecessary items. Consequently, they have accumulated collected items and uncountable garbage in their apartment rooms. As a result, such individuals couldn’t discard their unnecessary items. Likewise, the same situation can also occur in their brains.

Best writing methods for ASD and ADHD

I am a bilingual (English and Japanese) writer. I love to take in much knowledge to my brain. But the website and books sometimes contain a lot of knowledge. Web users should categorize essential and unessential information right away. In particular, online novices may have difficulty picking up their essentials.

Brain dumping and journaling are well-known writing methods for tidying up their brains. These methods also benefit individuals with ASD and ADHD. In a nutshell, brain dumping jots down trash information in their brain on the paper (or Word Document) as each word. In contrast, journaling consists of writing sentences. People with ASD and ADHD can organize and tidy up cluttered information in their brains by using these methods as follows:

・ Reminders (e.g. tasks, schedules, appointments, etc.)

・ Interesting (e.g. ideas, favourites, emotions, etc.)

Next, let me move on to how to use these methods as a solution.

Brain dumping and journaling for ASD


ASD people tend to accumulate a lot of information in their brains. Despite this, they often miss the opportunity to leverage their knowledge to benefit others. Furthermore, they should provide a great deal of information in a short amount of time. Consequently, people with ASD tend to be talkative.


Brain dumping is the first preparation for a conversation. Initially, individuals with ASD should think up as many words as possible and write them down. Afterward, they combine these word units into sentences as their journaling. With this solution, they can tidy up their brains and what they hope is in their brains.

Brain dumping and journaling for ADHD


Speaking their mind is a positive characteristic of ADHD individuals. However, when it comes to working memory, they often forget tasks and what they should do.


Brain dumping for ADHD looks like a Konmari Method. First, they need to jot down all information they have using this method. Next, they make a sentence. I recommend that four-colour pens work best for the most effective results. In my case, I organized it as follows:

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