Preparing for the CELPIP Test (Daily Blog)

Dear Journal,

2 days ago, Aug 11th, Obon week began in Japan. While this week, many Japanese people return to their hometowns or visit popular tourist attractions. Shinichi wanted to avoid such crowds and maintain his study sustainability. For this reason, he decided to spend his time at the Benkyo Cafe, a study room that requires a membership.

Shinichi has decided to take CELPIP in November this year. It is one of his dreams to immigrate to Canada. According to the Government of Canada’s officially qualified immigration consultants, candidates must take IELTS (General) or CELPIP. These test results prove an official benchmark of English. The CELPIP candidates must achieve Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 at least.

Shinichi needed to estimate how much it cost to improve his English 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). IELTS (General) already prepares a lot of materials for candidates. Some local cities host universities or vocational schools as their venues. For this reason, candidates may be able to prepare materials for studying at minimum costs. Conversely, the CELPIP test is for immigration to Canada. Most venues in Canada are ready for preparation in several online courses. The Paragon (organization) prepares the test centre in other countries are not many.

Shinichi already possesses his proficient writing talent. But he has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Consequently, he tends to speak his opinion slowly. IELTS candidates can ask the examiner what the examiner said. But CELPIP, like a TOEFL, candidates can answer to the computer only once. It means Shinichi should rehearse his speaking skills until he can speak smoothly. 

Aug 15th, Shinichi is going to register for CELPIP in Tokyo on Nov 10th. His improving skills have just started.

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

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