Well-Being and Finance, It Looks Like a Gear (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

Shinichi could sleep well last night for over 7 hours. He did not need to connect to the Internet while staying in his apartment.

As some readers know, Shinichi spent money on his household. He used take his household book for 11 years. But after getting cashless service, he realized he could not estimate his blind cash flow. Consequently, the smartphone company that contracts with him who they have been stopping his online temporarily.

Fortunately, Shinichi can somehow connect to the Internet via free Wi-Fi. Also, he could realize the importance of public phones. Shinichi had officially been diagnosed with ASD, but he also has some features of ADHD. This failure shows one of his typical features.

Some people with ASD or ADHD frequently struggle with their financial literacy. But he could realize well-being and financial literacy are like gear. Shinichi would like to start his business in the future, but his inner voices said,

“Your first issue is keeping a balance between finance and well-being. Set your achieving goal.”

He took it into the pocket of his mind.

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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