The Autistic Systemizes Routine (Free Essay)

Q: How should leaders teach work to autistic workers? Write at least 250 words.

In general, most workers have to complete numerous tasks. Autistic individuals can somehow communicate with other workers using their nonverbal skills. While some autistic people may struggle with learning how to do tasks, they possess fundamental skills. Such individuals can acquire job-related skills through embodiment. The writer agrees with enhancing their working abilities using body gestures.

On the one hand, there are several drawbacks to learning work abilities. Most workers can get work skills as a single workflow, but autistic individuals tend to break down skills into more detailed units. To illustrate, people can entire process as one skill, from turning on their computer to opening the mailbox. However, autistic people tend to divide each skill, such as turning on their computer, typing passwords, and opening the mailbox, as each working skill. Consequently, supervisors and leaders may need more time to instruct their abilities. Additionally, autistic individuals would prefer the same routines. Even if companies altered procedures, they may be confused about changed procedures.

On the other hand, autistic people have tremendous skills. They can learn daily tasks by embodying gestures. For example, people should check their belongings and lock the door before leaving the apartment. In other words, these skills can combine into one workflow. For instance, even if they left some items in their apartment, they can notify items due to different textures, such as in their pocket. In addition, autistic people are good at memorizing systematic routines. Some actions, such as opening the window, they can do it on time punctually. They can complete a single task by the designated time. As a result, autistic people can contribute to improving a company’s work performance.   

In summary, systematic routines by body gestures can improve autistic worker performances. Therefore, they can comprehend a single workflow as a single routine.

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