How to Explain to ASD People (Free Essay)

Some people with ASD know a lot of information as if little professors. For example, some boys know many types of trains, however, others could not have been interested in these topics. Do you have any suggestions?

First, they need to explain information through general and simple words. For instance, some train aficionados can explain the serial numbers of trains. Such numbers consist of a type of locomotive. As a result, some people begin to have a curiosity about mechanisms.

Next, some experts need to know what guests would like to know. For example, some guests would like to know how to buy tickets. If people with ASD know how to buy tickets, they can explain it to beginners. In another case, some ASD people know a lot of movie titles. Such ASD persons can suggest the best movie to their friends. As a result, they can offer good information to friends.

To sum up, they need to explain using simple words. Also, they should know what others would like to know.

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Image by 12019 from Pixabay

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