My Nickname (Daily Blog)

Hey there, this is my first article on Medium. I am Shinichi, currently living in Sapporo. Mapman is my nickname. Let me tell you a story about my nickname.

Over a decade ago, I wasn’t able to speak English well. Despite my awful self-introduction, I frequently went to British Pub in Sapporo to look for talking opportunities. Fortunately, I was good at memorizing some names of places, such as Sapporo and Tokyo. I used to love watching maps such as roads, cities, Japan and the world geographies. During my childhood, I often visited the local library. I depicted virtual towns, roads, highways, and railways in my notebook.

For such reasons, I always brought my world map when I visited that British Pub. Also, I have auditory sensitivities but somehow understood what the customers said about the names of places. As soon as I realized the place’s name, I couldn’t stop pointing to it on the map. One of the customers was taking a beer while looking at my action. He named my nickname, Mapman.

I love my nickname because that fits my characteristics.

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