My Pocket Thesaurus (Free Essay)

I bought a pocket thesaurus to improve my English skills last month. I have three reasons for buying it. This essay will explain these reasons.

First, people can learn other synonyms from fundamental knowledge. For example, if some learners would like to know the expression for the mechanism, they can look for the word “Repair” from “Fix”.

Second, learners can search for words anytime. The pocket thesaurus is very compact. They can put it in their bag. Therefore, they can search for synonyms anyplace. Even though they can not search words by smartphone because of low battery, they can search for it, instead of the smartphone.

Finally, they can learn synonyms through English. In other words, Japanese learners should use the thesaurus. For instance, they can know slight differences. For this reason, I purchased this thesaurus.

To sum up, I have three reasons for purchasing a pocket thesaurus. First, learners can learn other synonyms from fundamental knowledge. Second, they can search for meaning anytime. Finally, they can learn other words through English.

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