Shared Office with Public Education (Free Essay)

These days most learners utilize the library. Especially the public library is the best place for them. On the contract, a rental room or space opens a central area in the city. It is the best location for the working person. First, the modern person has a tight schedule and little free time. Second, they can find common friends who have the same purpose in an event. Third, they want to study with concentration a few times. For these reasons, the number of study rooms gradually increases in the urban area.

On the one hand, a study room is a useful facility for working people. First, learners need to learn various skills to improve their work. For example, some general trading companies require language skills because of trading with foreign countries. Some social welfare corporations need the skill of psychiatric social workers to solve the mental issues of customers. Second, various events are held in a rental space, such as a meeting or a seminar. The participants can make friends who have the same recognition. Third, most of the study rooms set the price for the time. For example, one study room is 300 yen per 2 hours. Another study room is 4,000 yen per 1 month. The learner can set a studying time with concentration.

On the other hand, some libraries also tackle improving facilities for increasing customers. During summer or winter vacation, many high school students visit libraries to complete their homework. To accommodate them, some libraries have opened additional rooms specifically for these students. Second, most of the library prohibits bringing snacks or drinks. However, some users would like to have a cup of coffee to have a break time for refreshment from sleepiness. For that reason, a cafe opens close to a new library. Third, some old library is renovated to bring in new users. For example, some library users bring their computers. For that reason, some old library establishes a public Wi-Fi system for them.

In conclusion, the study room is gradually increasing for the leaner, but the library also changes with the trend of the times.

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