English Learning His Story (Daily Blog)

What do you think about ASD/ADHD individuals who learn social behaviour? The writer (Shinichi) reminded his successes and failures. These were the best ways for him to learn English. Practical Social Skills with Disabled Individuals Shinichi loves travel. In his teenage, he knew the names of many cities and prefectures in Japan very well and … Read more

From Covering Fire to Hospitality (Daily Blog)

“Covering Fire (援護射撃, 助太刀) means supporting hectic work as an assistant comfortably. In a nutshell, like a secretary. How do you imagine this situation? Shinichi, a bilingual writer (English and Japanese), worked at a luxury hotel from 2008 to 2018. Due to his auditory hypersensitivity, in the first year, he struggled to communicate with his … Read more

Unique Sensitivities (Daily Blog)

Shinichi is a bilingual writer (English and Japanese). He often struggles with focusing his eyes, which is a typical issue for individuals with ASD. To illustrate, he finds it difficult to avoid looking at someone. Some good-looking passengers are sitting in the bench seat on a train next to him. He mostly worries that passengers … Read more