Routines and Different Stances for ASD (Daily Blog)

Dear Journal, 

In August 2023, it was a muggy tropical night. Hokkaido recorded the highest temperature, 36.3 degrees, on the 23rd, which was unexpected for Hokkaido people. But on the 27th, it was changed to squall within one hour after finishing the Hokkaido Marathon. This rain blessed plants, insects, and humans too. Shinichi could sleep well for five days. He was finally able to sleep well for six hours straight. Hokkaido looks like North America, Canada and the United States. Shinichi loves such a season between autumn and winter. 

Shinichi has several routines every morning. For the first time in the morning, he makes hot water with his electronic kettle. He always makes his tumbler of coffee for a day. Between July and September, he makes iced coffee. In other months, he makes a hot. Shinichi adds a cup of almond milk with coffee. This milk contains a lot of fibre. Shinichi sometimes has a cup of Natto in a rice bowl and puts in sliced Welsh onions as a topping. Natto contains a lot of fibre and protein. That is healthy, but it is sticky. Conversely, almond milk includes a lot of fibre, too.

Shinichi stumbled upon several daily tasks that revolutionized their way of life. People with ASD especially tend to adhere to these routines. For instance, if they have not been diagnosed with developmental disabilities (ASD/ADHD), they may have a lot of tasks to check around themselves as follows.

“Have I locked my room key?”

“Have I put my wallet (or smartphone) into my bag?”

“What time should I hold the meeting with my clients?”

These routine tasks are simple and mundane. But they probably can do advanced tasks if they can do these simple basic tasks. Shinichi always pointed the seat carefully in the vehicle, which he had sat in a couple of minutes before. He always appreciates that he can do such routine tasks. 

In addition, Shinichi has a talent that he converts from checking around himself to talking to another himself. How does he do it? The above example is an ordinary (non-autistic) people’s version. But his conversation is different.

Authentic Shinichi (Auth Shin): “Did you remember to lock your room key?” 

Another Shinichi (Ano Shin): “Yes, I did it.”

Auth Shin:  “Have you put my wallet (or smartphone) into my bag?”

Ano Shin: “Absolutely, I have already checked it!”

Auth Shin:  “What time should you the meeting with my clients?” 

Ano Shin:  “I will go to the SSS (Virtual name) Inc. office at 1:00 p.m. Before arriving at the office, I have lunch at 11:00 a.m., and …”

See? That’s completely different! For such reasons, Shinichi has improved his vocabulary by self-chatting. Next time, he will post how he learned vocabularies on this blog. Chao, Have a nice day!

Image by Memed_Nurrohmad from Pixabay