Rhythm and Association (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

Shinichi likes to remember a person. Most people with ASD (or ADHD) are probably not good at remembering a person’s name. But Shinichi is different. Shinichi associates with the same name, job position, hobby, and preference when he memorizes his friend, colleague, and mentor.

For example, there are two friends whose name is Andy. First Andy is good at playing sports and working in the sales department. On other days, Shinichi met another Andy in a different place, such as a cross-industry banquet in the hotel restaurant. Shinichi memorizes two Andy as follows.

・ First Andy. He plays sports well.
・ Second Andy. He is a freelance web designer.

Both Andy doesn’t have a connection. In this case, Shinichi remembers them associate with the same name. Likewise, it seems some Dad’s Joke (親父ギャグ) is a few similar structures. For instance, there is Satsuma on the aluminum can. Japanese says, “アルミ缶の上にあるミカン.” Japanese also like rhythm (韻). In particular, some ASD may love similar pronunciations.

Shinichi likes to participate in seminars and parties. Also, he used to work in a hotel. For such reason, Shinichi can memorize some features of a person. He recommends finding the common points when they remember a person.

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