Job Experiences for Schoolchildren (IELTS Task2)

Q: Should schoolchildren be taught proper social behaviour by professionals in various fields? Write at least 200–240 words. 

Some decades ago, schoolchildren could have learned social manners from teachers or parents. However, in today’s age, certain professions offer the opportunity for observers and customers to witness the inner workings of manufacturing lines. In my view, I agree that having job experience makes a great learning opportunity for children.

First, schoolchildren can envision their future jobs through job experience. In other words, occupational professionals can show school children how to work through job experience. For instance, schoolchildren can have an experience making a bed. Some schoolchildren are not good at communicating with others, such as having severe autism. Cleaning staff can demonstrate how to clean it in the hotel without much communication. As a result, such children can imagine what they do when they are working.

Second, schoolchildren can learn how to communicate with guests or customers. For example, some secretaries can teach how to communicate with the guest. They have the ability to handle formal and polite conversations proficiently. For such reasons, schoolchildren can obtain communication skills with people in the upper class, such as their bosses. Also, school children can learn how to cherish amicable friends. Job experiences teach them how to communicate with appropriate behaviours. 

In summary, job experiences provide invaluable lessons on effective communication and appropriate professional behaviour. Schoolchildren can effectively demonstrate their polite attitude towards teachers and friends through such behaviour. As a result, they can learn how to make amicable friendships.

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