ASD Eyes Can Convert Flatters (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

Shinichi had been bewildered by his fixed visual line. He had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For this reason, he struggles to avoid his eyeliners from one spot.

People with ASD tend to turn their eyes to one spot, such as their interesting items, persons, and views. But they are tough looking away from that one spot. Shinichi also is not good at looking away from his eyes from one point.

One day, Shinichi glanced at some people when he was a youngster. But his eyes had not been able to avoid his eyes from this person. He thought at this time, “Perhaps, my eyes may gaze at someone.” On other days, Shinichi glanced at one female on a train. She was wearing beautiful clothes. He realized immediately that his eyes would gaze at them. He could not fix his eyes as soon as he tried to look away from them to other advertisements. It was a scary experience for him. For this reason, Shinichi is always concerned about being misunderstood by others.

But he found. In such a situation, they can rephrase these disadvantages to the advantages that can spot slight points. For example, a person changes their fashion. Shinichi eyes spot a scarf similar colour to his scarf. They said thank you.

In summary, people with ASD could be better at their flatters if they praise a point like such colouring. Japan also would slightly have been changing that how to say flatter. Shinichi hopes that such praise literacy is known to some ASD people in Japan too.

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Image by djedj from Pixabay