Planets Often Show Their Lives (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

Shinichi woke up at 1:00 a.m. There is no air conditioner in his living apartment. However, Hokkaido still feels comfortable due to the low humidity.

Last week, Shinichi couldn’t write his blog. One of his close acquaintances passed away because of collisions. He immediately checked some horoscopes. From June 18th to Nov 4th, Saturn began to retrograde motion. Saturn loops around all zodiacs for about 30 years. This planet indicates meaning like a father, they affect an impact, influence, and crucial decisions in our lives.

Honestly, Shinichi has never been interested in horoscopes. But he realized some horoscopes can refer to planetary movements as their life plans. For example, Mercury loops less than a year due to its proximity to the Sun. This planet’s retrograde indicates careless mistakes. But Saturn indicates our crucial decisions. However, they prefer to accumulate their efforts. For this reason, he has decided to keep writing his blog little by little.

Image by Quique from Pixabay