What is Their True Wisdom? (Daily Blog)

In 2011, Shinichi published an article as above. Over the past 14 years, Shinichi has been improving his writing skills. He revised this blog, which now reads: What is true wisdom for people? Shinichi was always pondering.  One day, Shinichi found an interesting book. The author mentioned about Speed Reading. According to the book, American … Read more

Learning from Skills, Learning from Books (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

On April 14th, Shinichi participated in a book club. Participants brought their recommended books and explained these books. Some participants did not prepare books but chatted with them as an observer.

Shinichi heard one opinion from a participant curiously. He has a lot of skills certificates, such as gardening plants and operating forklifts. He said quietly, “I can’t read a book well. First, I learned from my working abilities. After learning skills, I read a textbook as sub-materials.”

Shinichi has been learning from books, and after reading a textbook, he obtained his skills. He thought that was a unique conversational attempt. Other participants brought several books about stocks and investments. They are interested in such systems.

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