Thinking How to Treat Social Information (Daily Blog)

Dear Diary,

On May 22nd (Mon), Shinichi woke up at 3:20 a.m. and planned his weekly schedule before leaving his apartment.

He usually enjoys listening to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio in Japan, which he has been doing since 2009. However, lately, he had felt sad when he heard unfortunate news. To alleviate this, he randomly selected other radio channels in Ottawa.

Shinichi just stumbled upon a programme titled “Disability Law Show.” In such a title, it attended to his curiosities. Shinichi has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Epilepsy. For such reason, he has just been researching the social systems available in Canada for people with disabilities.

In 2000, Shinichi relocated from the Greater Area of Japan to Hokkaido. In Japan, all prefectures have radio stations and programmes. Some programmes provide entertainment shows via broadcasting corporations in Tokyo. For such reason, Shinichi once pondered why all TV programmes are identical across all regions.

Since social media appeared, individuals also could be citizen reporters. Of course, people should treat emergency alerts and political changes carefully. But daily information is their pleasure and learning. For instance, such information pleasures viewers, opening new restaurants, and local entertainment, such as book clubs and English communities.

After seeing such information, Shinichi was pondering it with having a cup of coffee, that whether people should learn social information literacy.

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Image by talha khalil from Pixabay