In Early Christmas Story for Shinichi (Daily Blog)

Autumn comes around the corner. Shinichi is thrilled about the colourful autumn and winter seasons. He began listening to Christmas radio at the end of September! Someone may be incredible, but Shinichi adores Christmas and snow. 

His Favourite Season

Shinichi had an exciting season from November to January. He was born in November and spent his early years in Germany. During these three months, Shinichi received exciting experiences. In November, he got his birthday presents, Christmas gifts in December, and Japanese money, also known as Otoshidama, on New Year’s Day. “Otoshidama” are small envelopes of cash given as gifts to young relatives like nephews or nieces. But nowadays, it may be cashless.

Early Christmas for him

Christmas has been a special event for Shinichi in all years. In 1990, Shinichi was glad to receive gifts from his parents. In his teenage, Shinichi was excited to set his Christmas ornament in his room between November and December. In his 20s, he often listened to Eurobeat music because he used to like rhythmical music. After his 30s, Shinichi started to learn English. He discovered Christmas Radio during that era! The songs perfectly matched his state of mind. Also, he knows some Christian friends who told him Christmas songs.

In Japan, the majority of companies start promoting Christmas sales immediately after Halloween. Most adults in Japan may struggle with making friends or buying a present for their friends, colleagues, and families. Shinichi had nothing special in his relationship but kept loving the Christmas atmosphere.